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Leadership Development in 3 domains: Language, Corporality and Emotionality.

"Our character is our destiny", Heracles Fragments

“Ontological Executive Coaching is a learning process through which we transform the type of observer we are, with the help of a person who serves as a Coach. By modifying the type of observer that we are, we also transform the way we act”, writes Rafael Echeverria, one of the creators of this discipline. The starting point of this process is our conversations. We configure our identity and what others perceive of us, through language, our corporality, and our emotions.

From what we say, from how we say it, from our silence, from what we hear or do not hear from others and from ourselves, from our offers, from what we ask or do not ask, we build our reality. And it is from this starting point from where the Coach accompanies in an investigative and reflective process to enable a new way of being and doing for the coachee.

On the other hand, the digital revolution and social networks have created an additional challenge for managers, and for anyone in a position of influence. In addition to leadership responsibilities with their own teams, managers are often exposed to audiences that transcend the formal boundaries of the organization, which demands greater attention and consistency in their actions and communication.

Ethical and Emotional Leadership

The absence of ethical, emotional and conscious leadership in today's organizations, both in business and in politics, added to the fear of unavoidable changes, and the persistence of old models of command and control -which block learning, undertaking and innovate– constitute barriers that affect a leader's performance.

In this context, our proposal is to support and strengthen leadership, which is essential for changing organizations of today, using resources such as the possibility of opening up to new learning, in order to obtain the desired results.

Our proposal is based on the Ontological Executive Coaching that acts on three dimensions (language, corporality and emotionality) and is based on the 4 Ontological Principles (Rafael Echeverria)

The Principle of Results

"Results are the most important ethical guideline of our existence. They allow us to evaluate our actions, the assumptions from which we operate, as well as our lives, coexistence with others and the type of relationship we maintain with our natural environment, allowing us to rectify what is necessary”.

The Principle of the Observer

"We don't know how things are. We only know how we observe them or how we interpret them. We live in interpretive worlds.”

The Principle of Action

"We not only act according to how we are, we are also according to how we act. Action generates Being”.

The Principle of the System

"The action of every entity results from its own structure and from the structure of the system in which it operates. This defines your scope of possible actions. Within such actions, there is usually the ability to introduce transformations in both structures. This creates new realms of possibilities.”

Joaquin Mirkin. Certified International Executive Coach. He is the CEO of Mirkin Consulting Public Affairs, a consulting firm based in Madrid. He has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and supporting Leadership. He is the founder and CEO of the International Public Affairs Network, an independent network of senior professionals and Public Affairs agencies.