War Room | Situation Room.

We design coordinated defense solutions and we have the capacity and experience to form Situation or War rooms, depending on the circumstances, in a few hours, made up of multidisciplinary teams in the different parts of the planet where we operate with our own methodology and advanced technology.

“Internationally operating institutions face a challenge in managing the public: Nations around the world enact a changing and constantly evolving variety of legislation and regulation to protect workers, consumers, investors and the public welfare. and these various rules shape what organizations can and cannot do…Furthermore, in this age of populist discontent organizations are not trusted because their role in shaping public policy is often bought for money, shaped by elites and focused solely on private interests and not public interests,” says Benjamin Heineman, a lawyer and former Vice President of Public Affairs at General Electric, currently a visiting professor at the Harvard University School of Law and Government.

“To meet this challenge, organizations need a strategic, forward-looking and balanced approach to public affairs. But many lack it, and adopt short-term defensive tactics. Very few organizations have attempted to make a systemic approach to public policy an important dimension of their global posture. Very few have been able to promote their private interests in a way that also promotes genuine public interests,” adds Heineman.

Institutions are currently going through a paradoxical situation. On the one hand, they are the main driver of transformation and innovation, although, on the other, they have to evolve towards a new leadership that can necessarily align their mission with the social values and priorities of their environment, such as poverty, inequality, lack of resources for education, infrastructure, public health, inclusion of minorities and growing environmental challenges. The strategic focus is not only on institutional results –as well as on empathy, people development, teamwork and collaboration within the organization itself–, but also on the conflicts and challenges that society as a whole is going through.

The digital revolution additionally challenges managers who are in positions of public influence. Beyond leadership responsibilities with their own teams, leaders—whether from civil society organizations, the public sector, or the private sector—are exposed to audiences and publics that are beyond the formal boundaries of the organization, which demands greater coherence in their actions.

Joaquin Mirkin. Certified International Executive Coach. He is the CEO of Mirkin Consulting Public Affairs, a consulting firm based in Madrid. He has more than 20 years of experience in consulting and supporting Leadership. He is the founder and CEO of the International Public Affairs Network, an independent network of senior professionals and Public Affairs agencies.